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Launched in 2010, Cashmere Crush creates youthful, contemporary cashmere knitwear. Cashmere Crush is the brainchild of Prisca Ongonga-Daehn from Australia and Yangsu Kim from Korea.
Being unable to find an alternative to the often predictable, mature designs normally associated with cashmere, we decided to create something different – youthful, effortless pieces that reflected today’s mix-and-match style of dressing. 
Our mode is “fashionable, effortlessly chic, with a twist”. It reflects the varied lifestyle of a modern woman. Cashmere Crush garments give a woman style and luxury with arresting allure, wherever she wears them.
Cashmere Crush garments are made using only premium, luxuriously soft cashmere yarn, which is sourced from the Alashan region of Inner Mongolia (from where the best cashmere yarn originates). Only one-of-a-kind, limited-edition designs are produced each season, ensuring that your knitwear is both exclusive and valuable.
True love starts with a crush.
Treat yourself to Cashmere Crush
and you’ll fall in love – we guarantee it.
We both have long-held passions for design and knitwear, as well as keen eyes for detail, and we believe this comes out in the sophisticated simplicity of Cashmere Crush designs. It’s not a job for us, it’s a passion.
We’re always thinking about the next look, always questioning what detail we can work into our pieces so that our customers feel special when wearing them. We know how important colour, fresh details and overall look of a garment are to our customers.
When deciding which designs make it into our new collection, we have a single guiding question: “Are we excited enough by the style that we look forward to wearing it ourselves when it reaches the shop floor?” The answer has to be yes. If it’s a no, or even a maybe, then the design doesn’t make the cut.
Our customers are everything to us. They inspire us, and when we design, we have them in our minds. We are emboldened every season by them – when we receive their excited feedback and when we look at our store and see the ‘sold out’ tags on 99% of our collection.